Date navigation and Basic Framework

Today’s early victory was that implementing the first version of the date picker / date navigation bar went so much quicker and easier than I’d expected! The first version shows the current date, which defaults to today if nothing was otherwise specified. There are also buttons to go back/forward by one day, along with a “today” button to jump back to today.

Later, I’ll add a calendar to make it easier to jump to a specific date; but this is a good example of how I’m trying to make a “minimum viable product” — get things working and then add features and functionality as we go along.

So here’s a look at how the app looks right now:

Current state of the app – with sensitive data blurred

I did blur out sensitive information such as medication names and other fields I’m tracking, along with my email address at the top right.

Note that I’m writing this while I’m taking a break after getting code that reads data from the database working; I need a breather, so this is my “fun” to relax.

Right now, there are 35 items I’m tracking on a daily basis. And right now, those are all basically hard-coded. Later on, I’ll add the ability to add/remove/update tracked items.

Also of note: It’s all hard coded for a single user at the moment. That also will change in the future. Adding functionality like this is basically done as it seems logical to add each step. Allowing multiple users to log in doesn’t make sense until I’m dynamically generating the tracked items, which I’m not doing yet, but will be.

That’s all for today’s update. If all goes well, I’ll have another update tomorrow with more progress!

Quick update: Login working

Just a brief update as I continue to work on this project. Today’s update (only available on dev for now) is that I have basic login/logout functions working.

What’s not working: Multiple users. No way to sign up for an account yet — and that’s in part because there’s no functionality yet.

And I’ve realized that while I will be needing to figure out how to allow folks to create their own recurring items to track, I need to start by basically taking my spreadsheet and putting it in.

Once I have that working, then I need to refactor the site to allow for multiple users, and for custom tracking of items.

So it’s going to be a little while before I’ll have the site in any sort of shape for everyone to test and play with, much less be useful.

But I’ll still update progress here, and hopefully this will go faster than I think!

Project Started

Today is the start of, which is a project I have created to hone my programming skills, develop into a paid web and mobile application, as well as use myself on a daily basis.

I am a diabetic, and I take insulin. I take a number of pills. I take daily vitals. I also track my meals’ carbs and calories. I’ve been using Google sheets for this, but even with formulas and conditional formatting, it’s not enough.

Additionally, I want to track how many pills I have left, when I should call in for a refill, and when I’m forecast to run out. And I want to track the times I take pills, eat my meals, and take my vitals. And I want to make it easier as my medications change to discontinue old meds and start tracking new ones without having to worry about what happens to the columns in the spreadsheet. Finally, I want to be able to run reports on the data I’m gathering.

Ultimately, I believe an application that makes it easy to track all these things can help others besides myself. So I want to make this available for multiple users at a fair price, because I should be able to make a little money for the time I’m investing in this project.

This is a big project, so I’m starting out heading toward a “MVP” — a “minimum viable product” — which will be useful to start with. And then I will keep adding features until it becomes useful for as many as use it.

I’ll also post updates on this blog with progress — both with the app, and in my personal life as well.