Today’s early victory was that implementing the first version of the date picker / date navigation bar went so much quicker and easier than I’d expected! The first version shows the current date, which defaults to today if nothing was otherwise specified. There are also buttons to go back/forward by one day, along with a “today” button to jump back to today.

Later, I’ll add a calendar to make it easier to jump to a specific date; but this is a good example of how I’m trying to make a “minimum viable product” — get things working and then add features and functionality as we go along.

So here’s a look at how the app looks right now:

Current state of the app – with sensitive data blurred

I did blur out sensitive information such as medication names and other fields I’m tracking, along with my email address at the top right.

Note that I’m writing this while I’m taking a break after getting code that reads data from the database working; I need a breather, so this is my “fun” to relax.

Right now, there are 35 items I’m tracking on a daily basis. And right now, those are all basically hard-coded. Later on, I’ll add the ability to add/remove/update tracked items.

Also of note: It’s all hard coded for a single user at the moment. That also will change in the future. Adding functionality like this is basically done as it seems logical to add each step. Allowing multiple users to log in doesn’t make sense until I’m dynamically generating the tracked items, which I’m not doing yet, but will be.

That’s all for today’s update. If all goes well, I’ll have another update tomorrow with more progress!

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